Cultural Amnesia are an English band, active between 1979 - 1983 and from 1998 onwards. CA's recent and current activities include:

New songs, recorded 1998, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009

Two retrospective LPs: Enormous Savages (Anna Logue Records) and the double Press My Hungry Button (VOD-Records)

An expanded CD version of one of the LPs, Enormous Savages Enlarged (Klanggalerie), which also includes five post-2000 tracks.

Their new album, This Is Not Your Shape, a free download album of nine tracks recorded 2004-2009, was released December 2011. A special edition CD was released 18 September 2012. Both from Bleak Netlabel.

There is ongoing work on further releases of 1980s and new material, with a third archive album of their early-80s material planned from VOD-Records.

This site contains information on all released and unreleased music, with some mp3s of new and old music, reviews, interviews.

Cultural Amnesia are: Gerard Greenway, Ben Norland and John Peacock. Part of the post-punk/industrial music cassette culture of the late 70s to early 80s, they released three albums: Video Rideo, Sinclair's Luck and The Uncle of the Boot, contributed to compilations and played some concerts. Much work remained unreleased at the time, including two albums: The Undertow of Evening and Obscenity.

Latest News

This Is Not Your Shape special edition Now Out, September 2012. A limited-run CD of 100 copies (max) handsomely presented in a DVD case; bonus track, lyrics booklet, postcards and badge. Order at Bleak Netlabel.

The Enormous Savages LP is long sold out from Anna Logue Records, it is available from Discogs sellers.

January 2013, 37 copies of Press My Hungry Button remain at VOD-Records.

The Enormous-Savages Enlarged CD sold out from Klanggalerie in late 2011. In Summer 2011 Enormous Savages Enlarged was released digitally on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes, etc.


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