Psychopathic Permutations

Parts 1 to 5. A long poem sequence that Gerard and I co-wrote and then later set to music. Includes one section that we tried to play as if the tape was running backward. (Ben)

A kind of nonsense epic. Features harmonica playing, I think the only CA or related groups title to do so*. Certainly we started out writing it together and perhaps most of what was put to music was cowritten -- but something had engaged the Norland brain, and the written material increased alarmingly in my absence. The piece was given a performance with Ben and I standing at lecterns on opposite sides of the stage. It was our contribution to an evening of chamber music! But the audience was appreciative and we were given a trophy. I believe CA's only award. (Gerard)

Apart from those we won for public speaking. Not really rock and roll, though. (John)

* Also James is Down with the Heartburn (unreleased) (Gerard)