Rose Edwards

Rose Edwards used to be June R. Baldwin, and under this name wrote three songs for Cultural Amnesia. Rose writes (June 2007):

'Went to Wolverhampton and completed my art degree in 1987. Liked it so much I stayed. I have lived the bohemian life - as a city it is a vibrant and creative place.

I have been a practising pyrography artist, and once had my own business making crafty stuff, and also had my own radio show for about 4 years (a specialist show playing anything I liked on an alternative music station - great fun!). Will go back to this at a later stage, but have been busy forging a career in education.

Am still passionate about music and all things arty. Have a busy social life, particularly around live music and the techno scene in the West Midlands. Live with my partner Rupert, who is an artist as well and who teaches 'looked after' children.

I remember seeing Cultural Amnesia live. You were on a bill with several other local bands and you came on second or third. The rest of the bands were heavy metal or prog rock - a bit tedious actually. I remember you lot coming on stage and then exploding in a ball of energy, light and aggression - and I particularly remember your vocal performance, because you didn't sound like I was expecting, if that makes any sense. It was a great set and I remember sitting there with a huge grin on my face! Loads of the people around me pulled faces and left - always a good sign in my book. But those of us who stayed were treated to possibly the most innovative performance the town had ever seen! It has stuck in my memory for years!'