THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS: nudity, strong language, mild peril, off-screen violence, puppet sex, traces of nut, water, insults, excrement, vitamin b complex, dirt, heat, philosophy, sexism, falsehoods, cocoa solids, modified starch, blasphemy, silence, liquids, vile jelly, moderate hope, fish oils, trace elements, star-stuff, atoms, degrees of freedom, infections, disabilities, smell, free offers, market forces, digital information, profit, sweat, sedatives, poisons, class A drugs, traditional values, secrets, music, subliminal advertising, nonsense, attitude, DNA, fat pipes, toilet humour, dust, praxis, metaphor, twilight's last gleaming, backwards-masked messages, quotations, easy-to-comprehend instructions in five different languages, intel inside, planned obscelescence, bad jokes, padding, algorithms, jargon, quarks, 120 beats per minute, ink, labour, dark matter, blood, chaos,clues, customer incentives, floating signifiers, phonemes, milk, emergent properties, fuzzy logic, carbon emissions, strange attractors, primeval soup, some bones, space, evidence, rewards, a lovely golden-brown topping, gas, butterscotch, alcohol, items unfit for human consumption, bitter pills, tears of a clown, the wisdom of the ancients, human rights violations, WMD, threats, ideology, sausages, only the youngest and tenderest shoots - picked an frozen before dawn, egg, memories, uranium 253, craftsmanship, flavourings, colourings and preservative. Batteries not included.

This track is to be included on Enormous-Savages Enlarged.