Four Letter Lady

Solid state, easy action
slapdash, sexy jargon
paper-kiss saga, sherbet erotica
prayers between mouthfuls
God bless America

Our last, unfinished, recording - at least until 1998. The words were mine, but were unfinished. The above is the chorus and is all I can remember. To the best of my knowledge I was not aware at the time of the first line being identical bar a word with the T. Rex song. It would have been March or April 1983. We packed up early and there was not a particularly good mood. That was it for fifteen years. GG

I had a listen to this the other day amidst a frenzy of digitizing old material. It is more or less complete - however the vocal exists only as a very low level signal mixed in with other rather dominating instrumentation. It would be nice if it can be retrieved - I think I should try. BN