James Is Down With The Heartburn

James is screaming from the bathroom...

I love this song. Along with The Manual Of Civilisation for which it was a kind of musical prototype. The song combines a rigid and metronomic synth pulse and some very basic guitar riff work from me, with an insane rant from Gerard. The lyrics on this were particularly good, in which James, speaking from the bathroom, announces that he is "gonna create me a nifty collage, crushed upon the toes of my maker" - or something like that. BN

'Strewn across the toes of my maker'? Had some connection in my mind with the work of Mark Perry of ATV. A very good writer. Recorded February 82 in the same session as Drummin' Song (The Uncle of the Boot), Victims of the Idol's Vengeance (unreleased) and The Pigs are Coming (Sinclair's Luck). GG

The song has been uploaded - I had forgotten quite how rough and distorted a recording it was. I still love it though. BN

oh... ah, eh, I'm down with the heartburn... [coughs]

I had forgotten the harmonica... Caveat auditor! The line 'flounce upon them ivories, Guy boyo' reveals the contribution of my brother on the [misc]Bristow Organ. GG