Kingdom Come

I spend my mornings planning the afternoon's regrets...

More twisted electropop, with Casio to the fore. Recorded February 83. GG

For release on Enormous Savages.

Kingdom come

I spend my morning planning the afternoon's regrets
I've elements and destiny to light me on my way
o happy day I hope to keep my relatives and pets
you can laugh or you can cry
it's the same saltwater in your eye
I spend my evenings cutting tracts into my soul
weeping into bowls that I'd like to call oblivion
hey, I just swatted an ambiguity with a definition
and awareness is just a pain, a pain in my side
and here is one sodden truth that we all die to confide

Bake me a cake as fast as you can
with a hey and a ho and the world began
my toe don't know what my heel is doing
horses melt down into glue for gluing
with a hey hey hey and a ho ho ho
isn't this the way the world should go
with a hey hey hey and a ho ho ho
isn't this the way the world should go

Talking of romances and your candy-cotton heart
parade the smarting gallery, I know the vagaries of the heart
I though it was the start of, I thought it was a part of you
- Dolly I don't shit miracles
A tired question bred a child,
asked the question why it smiled
ruled over a mountain and drowning in a fountain
the water spilled and the child's heart filled
and what is it that we owe the dead
and what is it that we owe the dead


Cast the penny in the wishing well
there's one in every garden, 3000 in my hell
o child you are denied the glorious sadness of my vision
I'm overwhelmed I'm overfilled, looking at the bleak division
it's the noblest of provisions, and I'm dressing your incisions
with a gauze that we call dignity
and what would you say if I questioned your way
if I sued for your conscience and asked for my pay
it's a matter of moments, it's a matter of minutes
and you'd better start bitching for I'm loosing my freedom
there's a get it while you can in my world that's blighting all I can get
I've told you time and time again, I've told you time and time again
what's tense but an order, I've a fucking lobe disorder