Hey, they kill from the inside
with, with spears
no place to throw your head
no place to hide

Originally recorded under the name Rota as part of an ambitious and deeply flawed song sequence called Transit Between Two. BN

...which included Call of the Falling Vultures! Now that was the first spanner vocal - that was the moment it was coined.
Madrush contains one of my few guitar solos - essentially me getting more and more carried away with a slide (because at that time I didn't realise that the fact that the strings on my guitar were possibly as old as I was was the reason they were hideously and persistently out of tune, so I was playing with a slide... it seemed to help). JP

I think it's great and CA bricolage at its finest. The seasick, heaving noise was made using an off-centre slowed record. Wasn't it an album of military-band music? John's guitar solo is terrific and would not sound out of place on a Captain Beefheart record. Also notable as the first CA track featuring mad/sinister Laughter in the Background. GG