Rules and Things

I met a man. His jaw was square.
He smiled under thinning hair.
He talked to me of rules and things,
He checked and mesured chicken's wings,
He used a multi-function tool,
He talked to me,
Of things,
And rules.

There is a lever
There is a point in space
There is a force
There is a mystery
Give me a lever
Give me a point in space
Give me the force
Give me the mystery

I called upon the head of state.
She asked me if I'd care to wait.
I said that waiting got me down,
She sighed and then began to frown,
"My life", she said, "is full of fools,
Who talk to me
Of things,
And rules."

I saw a beggar walking by.
I followed him, I knew that I
Could give advice and cheering words
"Hey you!", I cried "You smell of turds.
But all it takes to live like kings
Are books of rules,
And lots of things."