I can't get me no... atonement
I can't get me no... appeasement
I can't get me no... satisfaction

From an original idea by the Rolling Stones... Hearsay and Heresy (that is to say John Balance) never really approved of the inclusion of this on the album. BN

I'm not sure that the non-participating member (i.e. me) did either. I remember that I was at least happy that it wasn't quite as horrifying as the version by The Residents and grateful that you'd put it at the end of a side. It took me a while to "get it" I must say. I wonder what the Glimmer Twins would think... JP

Shortly after the recording John asked me if I knew any of the actual words to the song. I didn't. I don't think I do now. The inclusion of the kazoo as solo instrument is an aspect of the interpretation that may surprise some listeners, but for me its rightness remains emphatic. GG

This track is included on Press My Hungry Button.