Silver Machine

A fairly terrible cover of the Hawkwind track. It bears even less resemblance to the original that our attempt at I Can't Get No Satisfaction. It was recorded at a point when the creative coherence of CA was nearing its nadir. A lot bleeps and giggling and a bizzare vocal version of the track's guitar solo. Other more or (much) less sucessful cover versions included Being Boiled and Summer Loving. In fact now I come to think about it I think Summer Loving segues (read: degenerates) into Silver Machine so perhaps they count as some kind of mutant mega-mix. BN

I think with this CA really trespasses onto Is Mother Invisible? territory, and I think Patrick was actually there. Also there might be another title as part of the medley: Don't You Love Me Baby? Perhaps not at the top of the list to be dusted down for upload. GG