Spoilt Children

Lyrics by John Balance. Recorded February 83.

This track is included on Press My Hungry Button.

Spoilt children
Words by John Balance

On a day like today we could all fade away
or act out the story that you saw on Jackanory
about the death that came to stay
and wouldn't go away
without the contents of your cupboard
and the bones of Mother Hubbard

It's all so so slow, you know
the feeling you get when your dog dies
on your birthday and everything that comes
through your mailbox tries to kill you

And it's here come the damp rots to
take away the Woodentops
blood soils the buttercups

It's all so so so, you know I was talking
to Christ about the view from the Cross
but his soul had flown to other lands
I just felt like throwing the Last Supper up


It's all so so so, you know
it's always almost midnight here
the proles and children live in fear
of when the time will start up here

It's all so so so, you know
here come the soldier men
to rape and kill your toys again
and whitewash your memories again


Your eyes are two-way mirrors
that I want to stab with scissors
to stop the future leaking out
so I'll see the sorry way
that fate will leave me now today