The Fountain Overflows

Blindfold your crazed eyes
and gag that hole
of unimagined insincerity
sighing useless plaintive sighs

This was recorded the day after I got my double-necked guitar and I was dying to use the 12-string on something, so here it is, contributing crashing chords and fuzzy arpeggios. I think the distortion was courtesy of one of those little gramophone amps from the sixties (the idea being that you could use it to convert a Dansette to stereo). Quite a groovy grunge, too, if I remember correctly. Was the song named after the Rebecca West novel? JP

'The cistern contains : the fountain overflows' - Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

I think that this session (which also included Red, Yellowsong and Dead Men Don't Talk) was also the first time that we used the Korg MS10 synth. What with the double-neck guitar, we must have felt that we were rolling in technology. BN

Yes, our first time with the Korg. This song, and it rather sounds like it, grew out of some notes I was making from some articles on modern art. I looked back and started reading the notes and thought... song! A favourite of John Balance. GG

The track has been released on Press My Hungry Button.