Where Has All the Difference Gone?

Your mule has caught its death of cold

Recorded September 82. Song owing something to reading Erich Fromm on love. Bits from Fromm and snippets of philosophy get half earnestly half sarcastically patched together and mixed up with general bitterness and cynicism in which a crazed and cast-down ego turns on itself. Muffled rhythm and chill noises work well and the 'romantic interlude' is suitably drippy. The French line 'l'âme n'a pas de sexe' (the soul has no sex) was taken from Fromm and must be a quote, but I do not know from whom and Fromm does not say... Descartes maybe -- somebody Cartesian. I played this song to somebody a long time after it was done and they commented casually that 'âme' was pronounced wrongly. I felt a sudden shock of humiliation, as though the song reached out from the past to douse me with itself. GG

This track is included on Press My Hungry Button.