industrial music

The genre to which CA's output belongs, I suppose.

In common with many other groups, I think we ended up in this genre because we coupled a big ambition for sonic experimentation with limited resources in the way of musicianship and technology. If we had had all the skills and all the stuff that we wanted I suspect we would have turned into a progressive rock band. Listening to some of our later recordings (especially several destined for The Undertow of Evening), I realise that we did do this, albeit in a very very odd way. (Ben)

Industrial was the vanguard that we identified with, but it would be hard to call CA industrial beyond the Biohazard Sessions and some of the earlier material. Arguably the tracks by tongue-in-cheek art terrorists Fest are the most industrial stuff we did, and the humour in that material seems telling. In terms of the unreleased Obscenity and The Undertow of Evening collections I think we developed a kind of electro. CA has to be positioned in that vague landscape of post-punk, with its ethos of (as Ben says) experimentalism and amateurism. I can't think that CA has much affinity with later developments under the industrial name.

I see that Ben and I entering information on CA releases at Discogs have both selected Experimental, Electro, Industrial, in that order, from the list of genres available. (Gerard)

I guess that the other description which suits our music from that time is post-punk. Certainly CA's music was all made within post-punk's key dates (1978 to 1984), but stylisticly, we were a good fit too (Ben)