The Undertow of Evening


Along with Obscenity, one of two albums that we were near to completing when both Cultural Amnesia and our relationship with label Datenverarbeitung sort of dissolved.

This is a working tracklisting taken from Gerard's notes at the time:

Blind Rag
Repetition For This World 1
The Manual Of Civilization
Green Cage Cabaret 2
Resthome (the man who worked with tourists) 3
Man About Town 2
Little Blue Grains
Where Has All The Difference Gone? 4,5
Living For Names
Here To Go 2

Released on: 1 Endzeit, 2 Sinclair's Luck, 3 Rising From The Red Sands, 4 The Uncle of the Boot, 5 Onslaught No. 6.

We never had a name for the album at the time, generally refering to it as the Brother Michael Tapes. But last year (2002) Gerard came up with the title. BN

This was intended to be our second 'proper' album, after Video Rideo. It looks pretty much done to me. We might even have added Scars for E (released on The Uncle of the Boot). What stopped us putting it out with somebody? Conceptual matters perhaps! GG

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