post-2000 releases

Rewind and Pause: Cassette Culture Compilation I - Lonely Whistle Music, 2006. Track: The previously unreleased 'Down By The Canal' (Biohazard Sessions, 1981).

Electricity iii - Ninth Wave Records, January 2007. Track: 'I Am Taking Photographs' (2004).

Cassette Culture Compilation II - Harsh Reality Music, February 2007. Track: 'Contains' (2006).

Nonpop 2 - Nonpop, January 2008. Track: 'Resthome (the man who worked with tourists' (1982).

Messthetics Greatest Hiss: Classics of UK Cassette-Culture DIY 1979-1982 (volume I, Messthetics #110) - Hyped to Death, October 2008. Track: 'Repetition For This World (original version)' (1981). 'Salt Magazine, February 2009. Tracks: 'Contains' ([albums]2006"> sort of punk-tempo Suicide with added blasts of screeching fuzz guitar' - ' [sic] Magazine

Salt Magazine, Issue 2 - Salt Magazine, February 2009. Tracks: 'Contains' ([albums]2006), 'I Heard It On The Radio' (2007), 'It's Coming!' (2006).

The Anna Logue Years - Anna Logue Records, April 2010. Track: 'Materialistic Man'. A 2xCD compilation of tracks from Anna Logue Records.

Why Be Blake When You Can Be Bleak - Bleak netlabel, November 2010. Tracks: 'Little Blue Grains' (1982/3), previously unreleased, and 'Brand New Day' (2009). 3xCD compilation mixing old and new industrial artists.

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1980s releases

Ben was CA's correspondent and, as to this day, 'keeper of the tapes' and did the work involved in responding to invitations to contribute tracks to compilations. Cultural Amnesia released 12 pieces on compilation albums between 1980 and 1985.

Snatch 2 - Snatch Tapes 1980

Standard Response 1 - Emmision Control/Sterile Records 1980

Endzeit - Power Focus/Datenverarbeitung 1982

The Angels Are Coming (Pleasantly Surprised Vol. 3) - Speak In Volumes/Sunset Gun 1983

A Sudden Surge Of Power - Cause For Concern 1983

Rising From The Red Sands">Rising From The Red Sands Vol. 4 - Third Mind Records 1983

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a? - Requiem Productions 1983

Band-It 11 - Kassetto Fix 1983

Onslaught No. 6 - Onslaught magazine/Idiosyncratics/The Audio Evolution Network 1985

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