Standard Response 1


Emmission Control/Sterile Records

Cat No: SRC 01

Compiled by Nigel Ayers.

'My intention was to put out a multimedia release to bring together the output of a number of cultural workers I had been exchanging tapes and mail art with. This was in the days when multimedia didn't mean something to do with computers, it was an art term which could mean anything - in this case it meant a cassette and a photocopied document. Though I no longer have the original package, I remember the cover had a picture of the Russian SS20 missile. This was at the height of the cold war, so it probably accounts for the bleak nature of the European contributions.' Nigel Ayers

Leif Thuresson: Jag Vet Att Du Vantar
Moving Finger: From Our Dog
Lieutenant Murnau: I Left My Heart
S.M. Andrews: In A Box
Cultural Amnesia: Yellow Song
Organbank: Nazi
Nocturnal Emissions: From Puberty To Senility
M.B.: COM SA (extract)
Murderwerkers: Blue Funk (Scars For E)
Johnny Alien: Without Measurable Damage
Loss Of Head: Sophisticated Incineration

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