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Here's what's going on with Cultural Amnesia.

May 08 - CA have done a fairly lengthy interview with Compulsion magazine. Select 'Album' at the site.
- Text is also available at the CA interviews page.

Oct 08 - Messthetics Greatest Hiss: Classics of UK Cassette-Culture DIY 1979-1982 on Hyped to Death features CA's 'Repetition for this world (original version)' (1981).

Feb 09 - Three of CA's new recordings are included in Salt Magazine Issue 2

April 09 - Enormous-Savages Enlarged, a CD version of Enormous Savages with a bonus 1980s track and five post-2000 songs, is now available from the Klanggalerie label.

April 10 - The Anna Logue Years - Anna Logue Records. A 2xCD compilation of tracks from Anna Logue Records' first five years. It includes CA's 'Materialistic Man'.

November 10 - Why Be Blake When You Can Be Bleak, a 3-CD compilation, is available for free download from Bleak netlabel. It includes CA's 'Little Blue Grains', a previously unreleased track from the 80s, and 'Brand New Day', recorded 2009.

November 25 10 - CA salute the life and work of Peter Christopherson.

2011 - June 2011 will see the 30th anniversary of the release of Video Rideo. To mark it CA are at work on an album of material drawn from recordings made 2004-2009 for release in the second half of this year. There should also be a digital release of 80s material in the next few months.

Enormous-Savages Enlarged
Enormous-Savages Enlarged, a CD version of Enormous Savages with a bonus 1980s track and five post-2000 songs, is now available from the Klanggalerie label (April 25 2009).

Messthetics compilation
Messthetics Greatest Hiss: Classics of UK Cassette-Culture DIY 1979-1982 (volume I, Messthetics #110) - Hyped to Death, October 2008. Track: 'Repetition For This World (original version)' (1981).

Three new songs online
Salt Magazine, Issue 2 - Salt Magazine, February 2009. Tracks: 'Contains' (2006), 'I Heard It On The Radio' (2007), 'It's Coming!' (2006).

New songs
A session at the Hippocampus in March 2006 produced seven new songs. Three more were recorded in September 2006. Two new songs were recorded December 2007.

Interview with Compulsion
May 08 - CA have done an interview with Compulsion magazine. Select 'Album' at the site.

CA Archives LP iii
A further double-LP release of early 80s material is planned from VOD-Records in early 2011.

Press My Hungry Button - Double LP
A further double-LP release of CA's early 80s output on VOD-Records is now available. VOD subscribers will get a bonus EP -- Still Hungry -- with four further tracks. - Now out, released October 31 2007.

Enormous Savages - LP
Nine tracks from the early 80s released on LP by Anna Logue Records in mid 2007 (ANNA 007). Initial sales of Enormous Savages were accompanied by a free mini-CD of new material entitled Little Savage - Now out, released July 11 2007.

Nonpop ii compilation
Released January 2008, with CA's 1982 'Resthome (the man who worked with tourists'.

Electricity iii compilation
'I Am Taking Photographs' (2004) is included on Ninth Wave Record's Electricity iii compilation - Now out, see compilations.

Cassette culture volumes i & ii
The previously unreleased track 'Down By The Canal' (Biohazard Sessions) is included on this 'double CDR collection of various artists affiliated with the cassette movement of the 1980s and 1990s' edited by US cassettist Don Campau
A second compilation of recent recordings from cassette-culture acts who are still active is available. Editor, Chris Phinney. Cultural Amnesia have contributed 'Contains' (2006) -Both are available, see compilations.

Norland solo matarial
Four track from Ben Norland's solo electronica project the milgram obedience to authority experiment are available through the Entr'acte label. They're available as part of the compliation release no. e35, you can buy it direct from the Entr'acte site (the Entr'acte list is also stocked by some specialist record shops - check at the site).

Greenway solo loops
A few files have been uploaded at

CA airplay
Shows/stations playing CA...
Art for Spastics on KDVS Radio; BSR 88.1 FM WELH: The Dawn is Your Enemy; WMBR 88.1 fm - Late Riser's Club; WCBN 88.3 fm - Freeform with Tyler C; KFJC 89.7 fm -- Grizzly Adams and Justin Outlier shows; Minimal-Elektronic Plus; WFMU 91.1 fm -- various shows: Jason Elbogen, Martha, Liz Berg, Bill Zurat, Bethany Ryker, Brian Turner, Woody, Fabio, Benjamin Walker, Michael Goodstein, Pseu Braun, Daniel Blumin, Bill Mac; Aural Innovations; The Sound Projector; Weird Science at Feindsender; Homemade Alien Music -- Series of programmes by Hal McGee drawing on his huge archive of cassettes from the 80s and 90s.; Another Nice Mess; No Pigeonholes; Crooked Stylus at Totally Radio; Space Lab -- Materialistic Man (Video Rideo) 'tune of the week', April 04; Escape From Noise; Spellbound: 'a brief program of music for theremin'; Radio Futuro 88.9 fm -- A one-hour edition of Punto de Vanguardia devoted to CA, 28 February 05; BBC Radio Oxford 95.2FM -- SeaSong (2004) was voted the winner by listeners of a 'demo of the week' feature on The Download programme, 25 March 05; X Rated at Kink FM; TCP Electric Radio

Other news
Promising newcomers(!) CA won a 'demo of the month' competition from an Oxford, UK music magazine, Nighshift, for the 2004 tracks in April 05 (click on the front-page image for pdfs of the magazine).

CA were featured in 'The Hidden History of Pop – Top Ten 'Unknowns"', published by Popbooks, Web Magazine of Popular Culture (Belgrade) in March 05, in a list heavily favouring acts from the post-punk period. Here is the translated text...

This obscure British band could hardly be called influential in the real sense of the word, being practically non-existent on the contemporary musical map. Cultural Amnesia teeter on the brink of total psychosis. Nine Inch Nails are a lullaby in comparison. The band's three albums, all cassette-only releases, are very difficult to find nowadays, with originals selling on the Net for about 50 Euros. But you can download a good number of recordings for free at the official website.

Cultural Amnesia are an ideal soundtrack for nocturnal Belgrade. For a moment they are a cyber-Doors, then Joy Division adrift in one of the lower circles of hell, then an evil Tuxedomoon. Paranoia, noise and anxiety, dark-wave and electro-noise, distorted sounds as though emitted from pipes, screaming synthesizers and a rain of electroids floating through the entangled cables of the digital world-net... This band's message: there is no exit from the abyss.