Three of these songs (I Am Taking Photographs, Perfect Activity and Fai-Ya-La) are the result of two days of recording in late July. However, the synth backbone of When Am I Gonna Get It? was recorded sometime in the early '80s.

A fifth song was started during the July session. We fully expected that it would take another 6 years to get together again and finish it, as it was since our last reunion in 1998. In fact it was completed in late October along with three more songs.

Ben did quite a bit of post-production on all pieces, but particularly on When Am I Gonna Get It? and syst.admn, where substantial elements were added.

SeaSong is dedicated to John Balance.

No new material made in 2005, but ten new songs were recorded in March and September of 2006.

'SeaSong' and 'syst.admn' are included on Little Savage. 'syst.admn' is also included on Enormous-Savages Enlarged. 'I Am Taking Photographs' is included on the Electricity III compilation (see compilations).

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