Cause For Concern


'Cause For Concern: Masterminded by Larry Peterson, an effervescent character who writes like a crazed lunatic. A cassette label that concentrates on the diverse and on most occasions comes off pretty well. Sample from catalogue: "Metempsychosis (Paul Kelday) -- Can words describe this music? Here's a few: atmospheric, electro, acoustic, mind bending... No, words can't describe this release. Listen for yourself (£1 or blank C90)." Material is variable in quality but some important outfits are nestling within CFC ..., the two compilations ... highlight music that deserves more investigation. Paranoia Is Awareness features the Apostles, Nocturnal Emissions, Tom Castle, the Event Group, etc. A Sudden Surge Of Power features Test Department, Attrition, 400 Blows, We Be Echo, Chris And Cosey, New 7th Music, etc. Both compilations come with booklets, the latter being undoubtedly CFC's most important release to date with a strong roster of artists included. Also available from CFC is a rare TG tape Nothing Short Of Total War which was originally only available in very small quantities.'
Dave Henderson, Sounds, 7 May 1983. Reproduced in Brian Duguid, 'Prehistory of Industrial Music' (1995), EST magazine.

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