A Sudden Surge Of Power


Cause For Concern

Cat No: CFC 009

Compiled by Larry Peterson.

Mandible Rumpus: On The Floor
Mandible Rumpus: Laugh
Mex: Happy Life
Mex: Veins
Gambit Of Shame: Gambit Of Shame
Section 10: Mr. Parker
The Cult Of The Supreme: Chlorine Fills My Lungs
The Cult Of The Supreme: God Is Thicker Than Water
Attrition: Hang Me
Attrition: Monkey In A Bin (demo)
Test Dept: Shockwerk (live)
Cause For Concern: Disturbing Visions
Martin Howard Naylor: Modulation 4/5
Cultural Amnesia: Colorblind (Sinclair's Luck)
Cultural Amnesia: The Pigs Are Coming (Sinclair's Luck)
Paul Kelday: Angel Hair
CTI: Light Fantastic
We Be Echo: Survivalist #1
We Be Echo: Sex Slave
Ramshackle Ammunition: Space Song
400 Blows: Strangeways
12 Cubic Feet: Fred's Song
Red Herring: U.A.B. Advert
Red Herring: Crispy Wrap

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