The Angels Are Coming


Pleasantly Surprised Volume 3
A Speak in Volumes/Sunset Gun Enterprises Collaboration

Cat No: PS 002/KLARK 03

Tape 1
The March Violets: Radiant Boys
The Alarm: Unsafe Building
Bone Orchard: Shall I Carry the Budgie Woman?
Sugar Bullet Mission: Beware the...
Peter Becker: Transatlantic Flight
Cultural Amnesia: Kingdom Come (intended for Obscenity)
Dance Chapter: Carve an Arc
Bauhaus: Dark Entries (live)
Robert King: Big Shake
Vee VV: Keep Beat
Death In June: Black Radio
Gene Loves Jezebel: Bruises
Fiat Lux: Aqua Vitae

Tape 2
Sunset Gun: Be Thankful for What You've Got
God's Gift: Systems
Pink Industry: Don't be Anyone's Fashion
Dislocation Dance: Mr Zak
Primevals: Pick it up
Blue Orchids: Thirst
Floating Adults: Fabulous Magazine
Nico: All Tomorrow's Parties (live)
Stockholm Monsters: Where I Belong
Artery: Being There
La Volta La Kota: Nightmare
The Suede Crocodiles: You're Gonna Bring me Down
Dif Juz: Don't Worry
A Pair Of Blue Eyes: American Boach Party (sic)
Test Dept: Shockwerk (live)