Run by Andreas Müller, Datenverarbeitung Kassetten released Video Rideo (DATA 0017) after Con Tapes folded. They also released Endzeit (DATA 0012) and The Uncle of the Boot (DATA 0019). Other bands released on the label included Die Fliegen, Esplendor Geometrico, and Hunting Lodge. The Uncle of the Boot was the label's penultimate release, ultimately selling 293 copies. There was one more tape after that, another compilation organised and released jointly with Geff Rushton called Bethel. Datenverarbeitung continued to sell cassettes until 1985.

In a recent communication to CA, Andreas Müller writes, "I sold quite a few of those 293 copies [of The Uncle of the Boot] outside of Germany. I exported it to the Netherlands, France, the USA (to Rough Trade USA, based in San Francisco at the time, and to Aeon, a mail-order company specialising in experimental / industrial music) and possibly Japan. Unfortunately, I did not sell any tapes to the UK. Some copies may have ended up there via the Dutch distributor, Ding Dong Disk (the Legendary Pink Dots' label in 1982 - 1984, at least as far as tapes are concerned), but I do not know for sure."

'DATENVERARBEITUNG: Occasional magazine and cassette label set up by Andreas Muller. Unimpressed with the music scene in Germany Muller decided to release material by foreign groups. Recently releases have included material by Spain's Esplendor Geometrico, America's Hunting Lodge - who sound extremely interesting - and England's Cultural Amnesia. There are also a couple of recent compilations: 'Sinn And Form' features Nocturnal Emissions, MB, Koft/Kurz, Metradrive, Pseudo Code, Chris And Cosey and others. 'Germany' - which is in fact a Bain Total sampler (see Bain Total) - features Camera Obscura, Die Form, DZ Lectric, Ptose Production and other French bands." Dave Henderson, Sounds, May 7th 1983

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