Con Tapes

Con Tapes (Conventional Tapes), like many cassette labels, was a bedroom operation run by a single individual, in this case an A. (Anthony?) Clough. Con seems pretty much uncommemorated, but it released perhaps 20 or 30 tapes, albums and compilations, including quite a bit of material by Mark Perry and his various projects: ATV, The Good Missionaries, The Door and the Window. Video Rideo was released in June 81, but in December we received a newsletter announcing the 'end of Con'. Although a list of tapes still available was given, it did not include Video Rideo. I don't think we have any idea of how many copies went out. The tape was re-released by Datenverarbeitung. Then this label also ran into difficulties, or at least withdrew the agreement to release Obscenity. Such were the perils of distribution in the cassette culture . (Gerard)

It's incorrect to say that Datenverarbeitung withdrew the agreement to release Obscenity. Cultural Amnesia and the label lost contact with each other - we were under the (mistaken) impression that Datenverarbeitung had folded, and Andreas Müller never got back in touch. (Ben)

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