Onslaught No. 6


Onslaught magazine/Ideosyncratics/The Audio Evolution Network

A C70 cassette with magazine, compiled and edited by Mark Lane.

Bamff: Mini-Crisis
Qi-ZZ: Beach Music
Angst: Jury and Judge
Paris Working: Downtown
Tranquil Eyes: The Average Indian Reservation Song
Popular Science: When Science Came To Town
Ende Schneafliet: Rendezvous With Betsy
The Actor: Deutche Madchen
Data-Bank-A: Intervention

Jumbo Zen: Almost Wallpaper
Satellite/Atom Crystal: Boulevard Circulaire
De Fabriek: Snowdance ii
Jad Fair/Half Japanese: an interview
Doxa Sinister: Alien
Cultural Amnesia: Where Has All The Difference Gone
Project Electronic Amerika: I Remember
Tone Poets: Pente
Vox Populi: Brave Old World
Andre De Koning: Party Talk
The Actor: Simple Pop