Rising From The Red Sands


Volume Four
Third Mind Records

Cat No: TMT 14

Chris & Cosey: Jink Jive (version)
Nocturnal Emissions: Going Under
Scram Ju Ju: Face Of An Angel
Human Flesh: Hself Namuh
Aeolian String Ensemble: Ingemisco
Ian Boddy: At Set Points
Attrition: Pendulum Turns
Muslimgauze: Icon Screen
Cultural Amnesia: Resthome (the man who worked with tourists)
Two: Till Five Weeks
Nexda: Untitled
Test Dept: Extract From Exercise Of Will
Lustmord: Of Bones Of Men

I believe that this title, as a box set containg all five cassettes in the series, is still available from RRRecords. (Gerard)

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