Alistair Murray

A guitarist, Alistair was one of the better musicians around. A striking figure, he resembled Vini Reilly and was often to be seen in leather trousers. He was the front man of punk band The Rotting Corpse, until John Peel told them that their time was past, and then went on to be second guitar with local heavy rock sensations Overdose (a.k.a. The Tuxedos!). Alistair was a member of the Snot Babies and performed with CA on a couple of occasions. He also recorded with CA, his largest contribution being to the collection of tracks known as the Biohazard Sessions, recorded in July 1981 and around which we did one of our A House, a local band that CA shared some common ground with, and the first band that Geff Rushton featured in (later to become John Balance)