Percy Westerman

Sinclair's Luck, a story of adventure in East Africa (Blackie, 1924) was written by the insanely prolific Percy Westerman (1876—1959), whose name appeared on more than 170 books between 1908 and his death. Colin Sinclair was not one of the author's regular heroes, one of the best known being Standish, whose adventures include Standish Gets His Man, Standish Holds On, Standish Loses His Man and Standish Pulls It Off. (Gerard)

Quite a number of our titles and lyrics came from this source, including:

Sinclair's Luck (Sinclair's Luck)
Khana Kloof (Sinclair's Luck)
Victims of the Idol's Vengeance (unreleased)
Four Axes, A Looking Glass and A Box That Talks (unreleased)
Twenty Days in Baba Yaba's Hut (unreleased)

also: doubtful mercies through the medium of barbaric charm

A copy of the book has reappeared in our lives (courtesy of AbeBooks) and is the basis for the cover of Enormous Savages