Simon Hood

Simon was the scene's percussion technician, with a very large and professional-looking kit. He also had a nice mixing desk. Simon was the drummer for local prog-rock pretenders Linear Motion. Their keyboardist, Robert Bridgman, had a Korg like us. CA knew any showy synth work, à la Wakeman and involving wild runs up and down the keyboard, as a 'Bridgman solo'. Simon was a member of the Snot Babies and also played with CA on one occasion, when John's 'Smilin' for the Sirens' was performed. Ben, John and Simon also did a performance without me, but I don't know what the song was called or if it is recorded... indeed I have no memory of it whatsoever. (Gerard)

Nor have I... (Ben)

Simon played the keyboard and sang, and Ben played the guitar and I played the guitar. The lyrics were by Ben. It was a Harris House thing. (John)