Bottle Sex

O, o my goodness
O, o my goodness

Recorded at the same time as Wee Patent Ethnic Beastie Song.

All the songs that were recored at that session included a fabulous Electro Harmonix pedal that did truly extreme things to all that was fed through it. I think John swapped it for something. Fool.

The lyrics were created by jamming a load of very short snippets from pornographic stories into a hat (I think it was John's hat) and pulling them out at random. BN

This accusation is not true. I only once swapped a pedal and that was some kind of fuzz-wah affair that I part-swapped for John Shield's semi-acoustic (which I still have, though it's only fit for wall ornament duty these days. I am not a swapper, less so a serial one. In fact I'm more of a hoarder. JP

My next female impersonation was Probably, Likely, No (2004). GG