Colour Blind

Lyrics by Rose Edwards.

No guitar solo, but untroubled rock guitar from John on this one. The three songs we did by Rose, this one, Actions (The Uncle of the Boot) and High (unreleased), were all recorded on 2 January 82, along with Satisfaction (Sinclair's Luck), Smilin' for the Sirens (unreleased) and Scars for E (The Uncle of the Boot). A productive day. GG

I think the guitar on this benefited from the Bristow Fuzz Box (I also had the Bristow Phaser, and still do. The fuzz box disintegrated, though. When we played Ewelme it had to be connected through a separate channel and I switched between them. That's not very clear, is it...? Anyway, pointlessly fiddly. It made a unique sound, though. JP