Crucible Scream

Summer 81 must have set CA's record for output, no doubt connected to Video Rideo coming out. About fifteen pieces were recorded in May and June and also Psychopathic Permutations, and in July came the Biohazard Sessions. The period starts with the last piece recorded for Video Rideo, Materialistic Man, and ends with what would be the first track recorded for the Brother Michael/The Undertow of Evening tape, Green-Cage Cabaret (2-track version). Apart from Beautiful Song (Sinclair's Luck) and Aluminium Tubes (The Uncle of the Boot) the rest remained unreleased and unassigned: Acid Dance, Crucible Scream, You Don't Wanna Scream, Daddy's Going Away Today, Lament (Hexagonal Boxes), Automation (Automaton?), Eddie's Produx, Stimulation, Shock Treatment, Turn and Replace, For 20,000 Years.

Crucible Scream and Acid Dance were recorded together and very close to Materialistic Man. GG