Fetish For Today

Lyrics by John Balance

... morbid voyeurs
car-crash site display
a fetish for today

A rather gothic number, recorded in late 82/early 83. The words for this and Hot in the House arrived from John Balance at the same time. I think the entirety of my instrumental contribution to this track was opening and closing John's Harmonix pedal to get the wood-block sound from the drum machine, which had been put through the Korg. GG

I'm very fond of this one - at the time I remember being impressed that we kept the whole thing so short. The wood-block sound (which I think Gerard called "The Bones" at the time) was made by filtering the voltage trigger output from the drum machine - rather than any actual audio. BN

For release on Enormous Savages.

Fetish For Today
Words by John Balance

Every night will be a death night
a black and white night, a red and knife night
every day will be a death day
morbid voyeurs, car-crash site display
- a fetish for today, a fetish for today

Blind man standing on her doorstep
he throws acid in her young face
feeling raw and mentally shattered
her daily routine ended suddenly
- she's a fetish for today, she's a fetish for today