drum machine

CA's drum machine was a SoundMaster Memory Rhythm SR-88. It features on almost all of our post Video Rideo tracks. It had four analogue sounds (Bass Drum, Snare, Hi-hat and Cymbal) and was programmed by selecting the sound with a switch and then pressing the "beat" or "rest" buttons. We tended to feed it through lot of sound effect pedals and (best of all) shoved it through the Korg MS10's rather gritty filter. It had a trigger output which could be patched into the Korg for rather hard edged gate effects - a technique that was used on The Manual of Civilisation (The Undertow of Evening) and James Is Down with the Heartburn (unreleased). Before we bought the SoundMaster Memory Rhythm SR-88 our main rhythm box was the one integrated into our Tensai 2-track cassette recorder.

John mentioned to me that there is one of these on display at the Horniman Museum in London (is that right John?) I wish I knew where our one was. (Ben)

Actually, I've found it now. Yay! (Ben)

Samples of the SoundMaster are available here