I Was Walking Down The Street

There exists an astonishing version of this song by Gerard. He created it using a lot of acoustic instrumentation - adding each instrument at a sucessive 'bounce' between two pretty basic cassette recorders. I presume the recorders were just placed close to each other and Gerard played along on top. Anyway, by the end of the process the resulting sound has become an awsome wall of static and uncomfortable ringing high frequencies with a jolly little pop ditty in there somewhere trying to break out of it's industrial cage. Brilliant stuff. BN

Yes, a couple of tape recorders in a bathroom, also a metal bin amongst a few other things. I think I would have just carried on with it had not somebody complained about the noise. The metal bin as instrument is something that I got from Geff Rushton. One day I went to see him and he asked me to help him with a track that he urgently needed to do for a compilation. This largely involved putting the recorder under the bin and then banging it. The track appeared as Blue Funk (Scars for E) on Standard Response 1. So I was a Murderwerker. GG