Khana Kloof

"We're off the Khana Kloof, where poisonous centipedes abound"

kloof (klu:f) NOUN a mountain pass or gorge in southern Africa. (Collins)

Some of the lyrics of this song (and certainly the first line) came from the book Sinclair's Luck by Percy Westerman. A ripping yarn about two schoolboy "chums" adventuring in Africa (I think). Possibly Gerard has the copy still, it functioned as a kind of instant lyric machine when creativity ran dry.

I now have a newly bought copy of Sinclair's Luck (thank you It's just as terrible as I remembered it. I also found a few more useful looking song titles. Strangely, although I came across a few references to Khana Kloof, I couldn't find anything about poisonous centipedes. BN

This track is included on Press My Hungry Button.