Magic Theatre

Recorded live at Thame Arts Centre.

I remember going to see the dance teacher with a cassette of ideas that we'd recorded. She liked a lot of them, but wanted what seemed to be incredibly short sections of each, segueing (the word segue was new to her. Certainly the correct pronounciation of the word was new to me) into each other. Then we reconvened and recorded it to her specifications. The result is quite snappy, despite the saxophone solo. Gerard's organ is well groovy. He could have been the Ray Manzarek of industrial music, though I can quite understand him not wanting that fate. JP

The Richard Wright... The piece was named after a picture by Klee, as were a number in the show of which our performance was a part. This was the idea of the director, Micha Bergese, then choreographer of the Mantis dance company. Bergese and Mantis happen to make a connection with a couple of bands of the time with which CA felt some affinity. In 1982, the same year as Magic Theatre, Bergese and Mantis did a show called Pick-Up, for which the Erasure of the early 80s, oddball electronic duo Blancmange, produced the track Waves (included on Second Helpings, their 'best of' collection). And in 1985/6 Bergese/Mantis did a show called Mouth of the Night, where the music was provided by Psychic TV (by that point without John Balance). The music was released and it's a very good album. GG

This track is included on Press My Hungry Button.