A House

The local group with which Cultural Amnesia felt the most affinity, A House were active 1980--83. They released one track, A Voice from the Radio, which appeared on Men with the Deadly Dreams, compiled and released by Geff Rushton on his White Stains label in 1981. Geff Rushton was a member for a short time early on. Ben and I saw them live with him (quite probably his one appearance) and if it is not lost Ben has this very early piece of Geff Rushton/John Balance musical history on tape. Throughout the performance Geff stood with his back to the audience playing odd noises through a Walkman. Cultural Amnesia and A House did a couple of Geff Rushton -- tapes
Euan Craik -- bass, voice
John Shield -- guitar
Matthew Baldwin -- drums

I don't think I have the tape that Gerard mentions. However, I do have a four track recording of a later incarnation comprising of John Shield, Matthew Baldwin and Alistair Murray. They may have changed their name at this point - I can't remember. If I get a chance I'll try and digitise the material and upload a song or two here. (Ben)