abject noise-makers

An incomplete list of Cultural Amnesia's instrumentation, past and present:

Cracklebox, WX5/VL70, theremin, berimbau, melodica, drum machine, Korg, double-necked guitar, acoustic and electric guitars (including the abject Woolworth Guitar), Oscillator, occarina, Bristow Organ, kazoo, panpipes, Bontempi Organ, Korg, Casio, Stylophone, recorder, Copycat, cornet, balalaika, saxaphone, prepared piano, violin, electric bass (and fretless), harmonica, drums, shortwave radio, TV, reel-to-reel tape recorders, Roland GR300 guitar synth, tupperware boxes, marracas, "dansette" record player, saz, penny whistle, bean frog, tupperware boxes, child's xylophone, Beniphone and of course now we should add a long list of software instruments.

Also a good title for a future album (Ben)

I have to say that several of the above don't seem all that abject to me. Certainly no software instrument is ever going to make it to full abjectivity, I imagine. (Ben)