Iron Banana

A strange and mysterious organisation that encompassed all of CA's creative output. Video Rideo was Iron Banana Product IB1, Sinclair's Luck IB3 and The Uncle of the Boot IB4. What was IB2? What was the Iron Banana? (Ben)

Here Cultural Amnesia begins to fray into a hazy pre-history of play, silly songs and messing around with tape recorders. To Iron Banana as group name might be attributed the song Araldite (voice, guitar, piano and bean frog, recorded sometime in 79). Or perhaps that should be Eddie Pretzel and the Funx... There is also an IB 'concert' on tape, a noise-making session at a friend's house (if I have the right time in mind – 'o no, a million beans...'). A little later Iron Banana came to be conceived as a kind of multimedia umbrella for our various identities; CA and its related groups and projects, but also other activities. There was an inchoate literary arm (serial prefix IBL) that produced one (thankfully very limited edition) booklet of poems by Gerard and another (uncopied) booklet of poems with things by Ben, Gerard and a couple of others. There were also vague plans for a literary magazine to which Geff Rushton, with early flare, contributed the poem How to Bugger the Queen ('withdraw bowing profusely'). My guess is that IB2 was reserved for The Undertow of Evening. (Gerard)

New additions to the catalogue:
Enormous Savages">Enormous Savages (IB5)
Little Savage (IB6)
Press My Hungry Button (IB7)
Still Hungry (IB8)
Enormous-Savages Enlarged (IB9)