lab coat

Cultural Amnesia, in their early days, and the Snot Babies favoured the lab look. The white lab coat has a minor place in pop-music apparel. Robert Calvert and Lester Bowie were distinguished wearers. More recently, Oxford synth-pop newcomers Trademark have adopted the uniform. I think Ben fashioned his into a kind of blouson jacket at some point.

In fact the lab coat was made use of before our musical activities started, when we would spend hours on the street doing vox pop interviews on such urgent issues of the day as the relative advantages of buttons and zips and the Role of Teddy Bears in Modern Life; or march around residential areas generally making a commotion and commenting on the number of houses with net curtains. It was taped if there was a recorder available and snatches still exist. Savage parody and societal critique, of course. (Gerard)