Verbose Logging

Verbose Logging, is a designed PDF booklet containing a selection of lyrics of songs recorded 19982009. It accompanies This Is Not Your Shape, a free download album of nine tracks, recorded by CA 20042009. The first full album of new material from CA for 28 years. The album is released through the Bleak Netlabel

Verbose Logging is an A4 PDF document and reproduces the lyrics of: I'm Going to the Bone Chapel, Product Chunk, (Let's all help solve) Gary's Problem, Speak the Wet Language, Dummyface, During Their Fit, The Product Chunk Funk, Seasong, Brand New Day, Are You Worried About the Lepers?, I Heard it on the Radio, It's Coming!, Contains, Rules and Things, syst.admin, I Am Taking Photographs, I Found Out, Perfect Activity (I get the feeling), When Am I Gonna Get It?, Bring It On Down, Whaddayawannabe, Ourselves