Sinclair's Luck


Sort of a 'catch-all' album. It contained several tracks that we intended to include on our two unfinished and unreleased albums: The Undertow of Evening and Obscenity. BN

Our second collection, after Video Rideo. Mastered by Ben, design by John Balance. Currently valued at around $19, according to (10/2003), under the peculiar classification 'Wave/Minimalelectronic/Gothik/80s-Romance'. Hearsay and Heresy was a label set up by John Balance. GG

inlay notes (written by John Balance)

"and we turned our minds to strange arts..."

Gerard Greenway: Vocals, Synth, Bass Occarina, Kazoo, Recorder, Casio, Melodica, Tapes
Ben Norland: Synth, Vocals, Guitar, Drum Patterns, Tapes
John Peacock: Guitars (6 and 12 string), Synth, Vocals
Rosamund Cass: Chorus on Shallow Water
John Crouch: Claps
All compositions by Cultural Amnesia © 1983. Except 'Colour Blind' lyrics by June R Baldwin [see Rose Edwards]: 'Here To Go' lyrics by Bryon Gysin/John Balance: 'Satisfaction' from an original idea by The Rolling Stones...

'Sinclair's Luck' is a swirl of past, present and future. It is in fact a compilation cassette... A dazzling and perplexing showcase for the group that have so much to offer. A discography of past and planned releases may help clear the water. In March 1981 Snatch Tapes released 'Cyberforms I'. Pump Tapes released 'Yellowsong' on Friday 13th the same year [Standard Response 1; Video Rideo]. Conventional (Con) Tapes [Con Tapes] released a C60 called 'Video Rideo">Video Rideo' in June that same year. It is due to be released on a German label called Datenverarbeitung in the very near future. The German label is also releasing a cassette of new material called 'The Uncle of the Boot">The Uncle of the Boot', a C60. Power Focus/Datenverarbeitung co-released four excellent tracks by the group on the equally excellent 'Endzeit' comp. tape. (Still available by the way. £3 for unreleased tracks by Virgin Prunes, Section 25, Die Klopferbande, Raudive Bunker Experiment, etc., etc...) Larry Peterson's A Sudden Surge Of Power compilation cassette includes two tracks from the group, as does the soon to be released follow up to the Scottish based 'Pleasantly Surprised' series of cassette compilations. This sees Cultural Amnesia in the unlikely company of Bauhaus and Co... Walled up in time resistant canisters beneath their shady cottage retreat the group sit proudly and rather cautiously on several undoubted classic tunes... Enough to keep the most ardent fanatic going indeed. Titles such as 'The Manual of Civilisation' [The Undertow of Evening] and 'Spit on the Same Stone' [unreleased] and the mind-numbing strangeness of 'Wee Sorg' [unreleased] remain trapped in the limbo between genuis and daylight.

Thanks to: Helen Craig, Geff Rushton, John Balance, Robert Bristow and Andy. Also thanks to Sleazy...

An Iron Banana Product ... ib3

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